CLEVELAND, Ohio – The MetroHealth System plans to expand beyond health care by forming a non-profit corporation to revitalize its West 25th Street neighborhood.

For example, the non-profit expected to be approved by trustees on Wednesday, could buy property and work with a developer to create affordable housing.

“We are in the midst of a campus transformation – it is not just physical campus changes of building a new hospital and parking garage,” said spokeswoman Tina Arundel. “We are committed to the entire revitalization of the neighborhood, including the West 25th corridor.

“The formation of a non-profit will help us fulfill that commitment and help us to be a little more flexible and give us a more options when it comes to economic and community development. Developing affordable housing is something we would love to do. It is consistent with our mission.”

As an example, Arundel cited the agreement with the Greater Cleveland RTA to buy naming rights for a bus route that travels by the main campus and to other MetroHealth facilities.

MetroHealth System buys naming rights to RTA’s West 25th Street route

MetroHealth management has looked at options that would allow the hospital system to pursue a wider range of real estate-related activities, according to the background information on the resolution.

The hospital, in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood along Interstate 71, has no specific goals but wants the option to pursue economic development.

“This is very similar to what Cleveland State did with Euclid Avenue development,” Arundel said, regarding the Euclid Avenue Development Corporation, a non-profit organization CSU formed to finance and manage housing and parking projects. “We are doing the same thing to support the community and we’ve adopted the model that they used.”

MetroHealth CEO Dr. Akram Boutros and a board trustee, currently Terence Monnolly, will be members of the company and directors of the non-profit, called the CCH Development Corp.

According to the articles of incorporation the non-profit would:

  • Promote, enhance, supplement, assist in the performance and further the mission of MetroHealth by acquiring, developing, owning and managing real estate and related facilities and the pursuit of other real estate-oriented activities, including housing and other activities related to or for supporting MetroHealth and the purpose of better providing for the health and welfare of the community which MetroHealth serves through the economic and community development.
  • Promote community health through the provision of facilities to improve the access, quality and costs of such services for the community served by MetroHealth.
  • Lessen the burden of government by assisting the state of Ohio in the county of Cuyahoga in providing facilities for the activities and purposes of MetroHealth.
  • Promote the advancement and further the aims and purposes of MetroHealth through the pursuit of various activities, including without limitation the development and operation of facilities to support MetroHealth.
  • Acquire or receive from any persons, firms, associations, corporations, trusts or foundations by deed, gift, purchase, bequest , devise, lease or otherwise any property, real or personal; to sell, convey, use, assign and dispose of any such property and to invest or reinvest the income and principal.


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