As the anchor of the West 25th Street corridor, MetroHealth has shown an unprecedented commitment to the neighborhood. It is determined to not just support, but to lead, a remarkable revitalization. As its blueprint, MetroHealth is using the EcoDistricts protocol, a framework for building neighborhoods that are prosperous, safe, sustainable, connected and culturally vibrant. People-centered solutions, led by public-private-civic partnerships, are essential.

CCH Development is eager to play an important role in supporting MetroHealth’s leadership and vision. CCH Development is pleased to issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for senior housing development. The RFQ highlights 4 potential development sites. CCH Development is seeking to develop senior housing projects that will address the health and wellness for older people MetroHealth serves who desire to remain in their community through different stages of aging. CCH Development is seeking real estate development firms and service providers that wish to partner with CCH Development to develop specific properties in support of this strategic goal of MetroHealth.

Responses are due August 27, 2021 by 4pm


Vía Sana ("Healthy Way" in Spanish)

Vía Sana is a 72-unit apartment complex with a career opportunity center on the 1st floor. The NRP Group and CCH are working together on this project to increase affordable housing and economic opportunity right next to the MetroHealth campus.

Vía Sana Presentation:

Metro North Planning Commission 2020-1-22

This project was presented and approved by the Planning Commission in December 2019. These plans are not finalized or colorized, so drawings are subject to change.

Metro South Housing Project

Metro South is two proposed mixed-use projects that will comprise 180-units of housing and retail commercial space to be located on West 25th Street and Trowbridge. These apartments will create housing for senior and workfroce housig.

Metro South Presentation:

Metro South Planning Conceptual 2020-1-22

This project was presented and approved by the Planning Commission in December 2019. These plans are not finalized, so drawings are subject to change.

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