Our Mission

The CCH Development Corp. will accelerate the pace of revitalization of the West 25th Street Corridor and its neighborhoods by developing real estate and working collaboratively with public, private, non-profit and civic partners on planned and future projects, public transportation, roadway infrastructure improvements and “place making” enhancements that will improve the quality of life for those who live, work, visit, shop and play in our neighborhood.

The CCH Development Corp. will focus its primary economic and community development activities along W.25th Street from Clark Avenue on the north to I-71 to the south and West 25th to I-71 to the east.

We are proud to embrace the EcoDistricts approach to building and rehabilitating neighborhoods. This is a more integrated, diverse and holistic pathway to development. EcoDistrict neighborhoods are people-centered, resilient, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable. Public-private-civic partnerships are essential, and multiple stakeholders are empowered via collaboration and governance. Progress and performance are guided and measured by a comprehensive roadmap, with transparency at every step.

Our Staff

James Haviland

Executive Director

Greg Zucca

Project Coordinator


Akram Boutros, MD


Gareth Vaughan


James Haviland

Executive Director

Michael Phillips



Fran Dacek

Retired VP, Corporate Communications, Swagelok Company

Thomas McDonald

President, McDonald Partners

Terry Monnolly

Co-founder, DiGioia-Suburban Excavating

Marc Moresky

Retired SVP Eaton Corp.; Partner Ernst & Young

Joe Roman

President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Partnership

Gareth Vaughan

President & CEO, AMHigley

Akram Boutros, MD


Meeting Schedule

November 16, 2017

The Board will hold quarterly meetings

Articles of Incorporation

CCH Development Corp. is an Ohio Nonprofit Charitable Corporation incorporated on August 1, 2017.